What is a professional organizer?
A professional organizer is a consultant, speaker, or trainer who works with clients who would like assistance organizing their space, time, information, belongings, or procedures. Professional organizers are able to teach organizing principles and skills to their clients.

What does a professional organizer do?
Professional organizers offer a variety of services including consultations, hands-on organizing assistance, coaching, presentations, and training, as well as recommend appropriate organizing products. A professional organizer is able to identify each client’s organizational needs at his or her home and/or workplace and make recommendations based on those unique needs.

How can I benefit from using a professional organizer?
Many clients say that before they hired a professional organizer they were overwhelmed, frustrated, and didn’t know where to start dealing with their clutter.  Hiring a professional gave them an objective perspective on their organizing challenges, generated solutions that they wouldn’t have thought of by themselves, and provided motivation and support to reach their organizing goals.

Having a decluttered and organized space can create balance, increase productivity, reduce stress, promote overall well-being, provide peace of mind and newfound freedom, spark creativity, and allow for more time to do the important things in life.

What can I expect?
NAPO members are expected to operate in accordance with the NAPO Code of Ethics at all times.

Which professional organizer is best for me?
Many professional organizers have certain areas of specialty within corporate, business, and residential organizing.

These specialties can include working with people who have disabilities, seniors, people who are moving or downsizing, children, teens, moms, students, couples, and whole families.  They can assist with the organization of finances, photographs, craft supplies, electronic files and information, warehouses, commercial spaces, kitchens, closets, attics, garages, and every room in a home.  They can also provide time management, technology solutions, coaching, real estate staging, paper and mail management, functional filing systems, space planning, garage and estate sale preparation, and workflow improvement.

Since working with a professional organizer can be very personal, we suggest that you choose the organizer who best fits your organizational needs, style, and with whom you feel the most comfortable.