Member Spotlight

Veronica Wright left Corporate America as an Executive Assistant and decided to turn her skills and passion for organizing and helping others into a career she really loves and enjoys. She took classes and become a professional organizer and is a member of NAPO.

She enjoys the challenge and the creative process of developing systems that work for her clients and their families and loves helping them have more time and space to pursue their passions and reach their goals!

As a woman diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, she particularly takes an interest in those that share her diagnosis. She knows and understands how stressful life can be for people with the condition and dealing with organization obstacles that can inhibit progress and growth. She is a member of the CHADD Pittsburgh chapter and is a firm believer that some of the frustrations that people with ADD/ADHD have, can be managed with organization and time management skills. Skills that will help them now and for the rest of their lives. Veronica feels that organizing although at times can seem overwhelming can also be fun and liberating and have lasting benefits not only to your time and space, but also to your mental, emotional and physical health. Organization can be the key to help change your life and help you live the life you deserve. She can be reached via her website by phone at 724-262-2266 or email at