What is your favorite kitchen tip?

First, ask yourself, What do I use the most?”  Decide which small appliances, cookware, or utensils have earned the right to be in the kitchen in the first place.  If you rarely use the toaster, stop letting it take up counter space.  See if you can find a shelf or cabinet to store it out of sight until you use it.  Try storing items seasonally.  I only cook with my crock pot in the wintertime.  To save space I store it on a lower shelf in the pantry until the cold weather rolls around.

Secondly, think containers—particularly clear or open.  Place items such as snacks, granola bars, cereals, or spices in rectangular clear containers.  It helps you “see” and assess what you have on hand.  For bulkier items, use metal open baskets.  Do not forget to label!

Last but not least, be strategic.  Place most used items on shelves or in cabinets that have easy access.  Here is a perfect example…  Many of my clients want their children to have access to healthy snacks.  To encourage independence, we place the healthy options in clear containers at eye-level in the pantry or in a lower drawer where the child can access the food items and make a choice independently.

Julie Mills is founder and owner of All Squared Away a professional organizing company that serves North Central West Virginia.  Ms. Mills serves business and residential clients with a focus on productivity and organizing solutions.  Julie is often the keynote speaker at regional conferences and does trainings throughout the Mountain State.